Dear retailer,

anyone who has been in the two-wheeler business for more than 30 years has certainly his roots in Vespa and Lambretta since automatic scooters had yet to be invented. Ricambio Rapido is known on for it's own brands like Str-8, Motoforce and R&D. Very few insiders know that we are main sponsor and organizers of several motorsport events as VPI (italian Vespa and Lambretta Championship), Scooter-Weekend Italy and IDC (Italian Dragster Cup with many Vespas competing).

But even fewer know us as a wholesaler and fabricant of rare spareparts for vintage geared scooters. With a range of over 13.000 products Ricambio Rapido supplies the main retailers in UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and oversea to the US, Australia, Brazil, Japan, ... and of course we know Bavaria and Westfalia in Germany. We speak german (because we are german!) and english as well and most of our products are online in our web-shop.

Please come in, have a look, no obligation to purchase!


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Gentili Clienti,

Il nostro negozio on-line sta crescendo. In questo momento potete trovare il 72% del nostro materiale. Intanto stiamo lavorando senza sosta nella speranza di presentarvi una raccolta di 13.000+ articoli per Vespa e Lambretta nel minor tempo possibile.

Anche con una così bassa percentuale di prodotti siamo sicuri che qui troverai un sacco di articoli rari di nostra produzione che al momento sono in distribuzione solo da pochi commercianti.


Dear Customer,

Our on-line shop for retailer is growing. Right now you will find about 72% of our stock on line. As we are permanently working, we hope to reach our goal to present about 13.000+ items we stock for Vespa and Lambretta in a short while.

Even with a low percentage so far we think it is worth to have a closer look because you will find lots of rare parts of our own production which have been only distributed by various wholesaler.


Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Unserer On-Line Shop fuer Wiederverkaeufer ist im Aufbau. Im Moment ist ungefaehr 72% unseres Lagers aufgeladen. Wir arbeiten taeglich an dem Shop um in absehbarer Zeit ca 13.000+ Vespa und Lambretta Teile aus unserem Program zu praesentieren.

Trotz der geringen Prozentzahl glauben wir, dass schon jetzt ein Besuch lohnt, da, wie bekannt, wir viele seltene Teile herstellen die bis dato nur ueber wenige Zwischenhaendler zu bekommen waren.